The Council of Sudanese Experts and Scientists Abroad ®

under the auspices of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers

Introduction & background


Sudanese Partnership for Knowledge Transfer by Expatriate Nationals (SPaKTEN)

Some of the well skilled Sudanese professionals, distinguished scientists, and technologists of high caliber chose to settle work abroad.

This way quantity and quality of human capital available to Sudan has been reduced, a phenomenon that has its negative impact on sustainable development.Nonetheless, use can be made of their acquired knowledge and gained experience.Sudanese Working Abroad Organization addressed the issue and this program has been initiated for that goal.

Sudanese Partnership for Transfer of Knowledge by Expatriates National (SPaKTEN) calls for qualified expatriate professionals from developing countries to return to their countries of origin for a specified short period of time to share the skills they have gained during their residence in developed countries.

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